About Me





Selena Hughes is an American graphic designer. She was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan but has lived most of her life in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Therefore, she does not speak Taiwanese. Selena recently graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a BFA in Design (Digital). Prior to college, she never regarded art as a career, and her family encouraged more sensible options like computer science, which she seriously considered. However, her passion for creating beauty with art outweighed practicality. Now she designs a variety of things such as, logos, book covers, UX graphics, and publications, all tinged with the opposing sides of her personality—the pragmatist and the daydreamer.



My art is born out of a passion for two things—computers and art.

Once what I imagine in my head is visually represented on the computer screen, I understand it better. The puzzle pieces are there, thrown chaotically together. I can move them to their respective spots, but I have to go through this process to make my decisions. Digital art isn’t inhibited by traditional physicality; I can erase over and over again without fear of ruining the paper. This flexibility appeals to me.

My art lives on the computer screen in constant evolution. I do not create it using dark colors and grim subject matter, preferring instead to create art that looks at the world through a lens of optimism. It’s hopeful and full of energy. It’s the feeling of possibility. Thus, I use bright colors, textures, and generous negative space to create works that are light and airy. My illustrations are never perfect, but quirky and cartoon-like, because, in my opinion, imperfections tell a truer story. Less is usually more. Clean lines and minimalistic compositions are balanced with playful text and whimsical concepts. My art is sleek modernity combined with touches of personality, connecting ideas in unconventional ways.